” halo: Infinite ” can strengthen natural landscape to appear and reward player exploration

” halo: Infinite ” can saying is 343 atelier make a the most baronial ” halo ” work. After appearing on the E3 last year, 343 atelier share the information about making a field newly to players rarely, but O’Connor shows Frank · of 343 operation chief inspector fully however recently, ” halo: Infinite ” will strengthen natural landscape significantly appear, still meet the player of pair of active exploration have money reward. A vermicelli made from bean starch is pushing go up especially ask Aokangnadi offers Frank · a few about ” halo: Infinite ” new information, the answer that O’Connor gives him is about game exploration reachs his to reward, if pursue: Accept of Frank · Ao Kang: E3 is medium last year ” halo: Infinite ” showing the firn result that give is first edition only, still can revise later, surface effect also is met more diversification, game will strengthen natural landscape significantly appear, still meet the player of pair of active exploration have money reward. But so far, ” halo: Infinite ” will when put on sale returns have no way witting, estimate 343 it is to think in eve of game put on sale ability announces specific time. Although there is a hearsay to say before this, ” halo: Infinite ” will 2019 put on sale, but what time of right put on sale still wants to wait for the government is formal affirm. [……]

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Razer thunder snake rolls out group of mouse of clavier of appropriative of the first Xbox One

The series of wireless clavier mouse that Razer published the first Xbox One to use today ” Turret For Xbox One ” , basically took Turret namely ” on genu model group of wireless key rat ” basic idea, but deserved to go up new keyboard and mouse. Differ with the scissors foot of the Turret of original, turret For Xbox One deployed the mechanical clavier of 80% , also provided the wrist cushion of broaden, the part of the mouse was to use new MambaWireless directly it seems that. Besides use in the sitting room besides, the rat mat of Turret For Xbox One also became ” telescopic ” , can receive clavier inside, before letting you take wire back brain, also can use euqally. Nevertheless after all wireless receiver still has only, depend on of your computer lead plane and sport lead plane put the land, also do not go to the lavatory certainly unplug inserting is. Additional, turret For Xbox One assists the RGB lamplight of full prize, but on wireless clavier this still hurts quite to electric power, electric power of the clavier below the state in open can maintain 11 hours about, the word that shut has 43 hours. The halfway open lamplight of the mouse is 30 hours, what there are 50 hours if shutting is long. Next, what have to carry is its fearsome price. Actually if consider a wireless and mechanical clavier, plus the word of wireless game mouse, US$250 (about 1, 720 RMB) the price still does not calculate actually too exaggerative, if just be being compared with photograph of Xbox One S, was like the price to also be not differred too much. . . [……]

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Send total income! ” Jump big melee ” open β is measured complete 17 parts kill appreciation of a collection of selected specimens of video of ability of ability & arousal surely

Send total income! ” Jump big melee ” open β measures complete 17 parts kill a collection of selected specimens of video of ability of ability & arousal to appreciate time surely: 2019-01-21 11:41:35 origin: 3DM compiles an author: Shi Zhidi edits: Tao Di
Palace of the dream austral 10 thousand generation announces today, subordinate and brand-new change free fistfight game ” Jump big melee ” open β checks already on January 18 ~ the open between 21 date, the player was shared recently complete 17 parts kill video of ability of ability & arousal surely, come along It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. . This making predict official on Feburary 14, 2019 put on sale, land Xbox One, PS4. · ” Jump big melee (Jump Force) ” it is an assemble the melee game of the hero in a large number of classic work and villain in drama, they will be in the mark sex ground of earthly each district to choose a battle, satisfy thereby move overflow confused dream. Included in game ” Long Zhu Z ” , ” nautical king ” , ” the person that igneous shadow is borne ” wait for world-famous classical cartoon series, the player can be in include square of new York times and Ma Tehong summit inside confrontation has on the arena that world-renowned mark is setting. · ” Jump big melee ” open β measures complete 17 parts kill a collection of selected specimens of video of ability of ability & arousal surely:[……]

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Epic tall canal praises ” Apex hero ” but subsequently second cutout is pushed civil

” Apex hero ” very hot recently, still obtained before long before ” seek to live on absolutely ” of father Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene praise. User of a Twitter asked about Mark Rein of Epic game vice-president, hope he can be right current and hot ” Apex hero ” express a view. Mark Rein does not have oversight this message, and had a return. He says, “I like it, do first-rately! ” later, ” Apex hero ” CEO Vince Zampella of recreational of development business renascence replied Rein, appreciate his complimentary word, hope to he is asked to drink a cup when meeting next time even. Rein reply says: “I can enjoy well oh ” . Interact and encourage between this kind of competitor each other it seems that very warm heart, but outside intermediary discovers Mark Rein deleted these replies. ” Apex hero ” rose abruptly quickly to had browbeaten ” the night of fort ” position, this game head is sent game player exceeded 2.5 million that day, 3 days of players exceed put on sale 10 million, remain the most welcome play on Twitch up to now. ” Apex hero ” the weapon harms a watch[……]

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” like dragon 5 ” the force that day of replacement edition put on sale determines oneiromancy sets sail again

World fine ever announced to be opposite last year ” like dragon ” series undertakes version replacement, at this late hour, ” be like dragon 3 ” and ” like dragon 4 ” replacement edition is formal already put on sale, now, ” like dragon 5 ” replacement version also disclosed information of its put on sale eventually. According to the weekly word that Fami understands, ” like dragon 5 ” replacement edition Yuriben put on sale landed PS4 on June 20 local time, price 3990 yen (add up to a RMB about 241 yuan) . Original ” like dragon 5 ” landed PS3 on December 6, 2012, deputy mark is ” し of え of dream, leaf person ” . 5 this made protagonist are tung gives birth to Yao of great river of island of one horse, , Qiu Shanjun, lustre village, Pin Tianchen respectively male, the つ き み of Huang of the street of な が す of the firmamental Ku of the う of ょ of ち of い of き ん え of the divine room Ding that main arena has Tokyo, renown Gu Wu, Osaka, Fu Gang, thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China の . ” be like dragon 5 ” with ” dream ” for the keyword, meticulous depict the hero that lives in each city people story. [……]

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E3: 3 people maniple seeks to live on FPS ” rainbow 6: Block ” announce

Yo green jade was announced on oneself E3 news briefing a few days ago ” rainbow 6 ” another make newly, ” rainbow 6: Block ” (Rainbow Six Quarantine) . This is one is based on 3 people maniple seek to live on to FPS game, a of atelier of You Yobi Montreal brand-new the group is made. This game general 2020 the beginning of the year is rolled out. Green jade according to Yo, “Be based on last year ” rainbow 6: Besiege ” ” erupt ” of the activity hot play a way, yo greens jade Montreal is brand-new the group is taking true dazzle visual effect came back! Make deep, redesigned comprehensive game experience, present the FPS game that to us group of group of a 3 people cooperates ” rainbow 6: Block ” . ” rainbow 6: Block ” the FPS game that is collaboration of group of group of a 3 people, backdrop setting is in future. Of rainbow group especially diligent helminth of the star outside the mutation that the detective will face a kind of exceeding risk, they can affect human host and environment, bring unprecedented challenge for the mankind ” . ” rainbow 6: Block ” E3 head prevue exposing to the sun:[……]

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Small dark green cries dizzy! Eldest brother Gogoing loves bubble night inn and kiss of drunk wine girl

The amour of eldest brother Gogoing and MM of small dark green is all the time ” the hero is allied ” the focus that the player pays close attention to, nevertheless, these two did not appear personally to be responded to formally from beginning to end, the amour that lets them becomes complicated and confusing. The netizen explodes recently expect actually eldest brother Gogoing likes to go very much nocturnal inn, should small dark green cry dizzy in the toilet?

Actually eldest brother but not only light is nocturnal inn High so simple, returned somebody to pat eldest brother to stimulate the photograph of the kiss with a malty girl on the seat. Although the girl appears already malty, but still can looking to come out is the chaperon that travels together with eldest brother.

People’s force is very big, stimulate a kiss to illuminate in eldest brother just went out before long, expose to the sun with respect to somebody a player that the woman is group of some woman battle, be incident of a female team?

Aggro Jun Fei often admires the force of people, it is OK to see even the face see even the face not clear picture with respect to a piece 8 who is female advocate. But doubt is like female advocate the small gain of VikiVikiBabe has been deleted entirely, and she also paid close attention to GOGOING really, so look this person is become namely thing daughter advocate possibility is exceedingly tall.

And eldest brother still brushs him on small gain however be about to with small wisdom the issue that arranges battle. Look eldest brother to mixing the girl is in nocturnal inn be related of wind,flowers,snow and moon is early with respect to be accustomed to sth. Such thing is not what important matter to him.

Be in early actually because condition glides substantially and eldest brother is brought about when retiring, once exploded with respect to somebody expect an eldest brother privacy too abandon, younger sister of overmuch active hold up just brought about him to cannot hold his professional position, also somebody exposes to the sun give him to there still is leisurely mood to take younger sister to hit a platoon in the period that shuts Guan Xiulian. Before by the outside place becloud with simple and honest eldest brother, just discover original eldest brother has intention as expected now.

Say eldest brother is wood, how does dark green elder sister allude him apathetic. In light of today’s thing, eldest brother is the mad demon of bubble younger sister of a be modest about one’s skill obviously, and the suggestion that faces dark green elder sister does not give response all the time however, look is he not to look to go up the grandmother cough up that we suffer 10 thousand people to revere?


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” dark soul 3 ” counter a day cogged! Attack in sky kill an adversary to frighten cried

Cogged place of all and average player abhors, defy especially in game, it is detest making a person more, but it really consist in every game, just put on sale before long ” dark soul 3 ” also fail escape by sheer luck. A player was used recently cogged implement, like the gunboat in AC-130 sky, can attack in sky kill others.

Can see from video, cogged person stays in the flight in sky all the time, OK and direct emissive bomb and medicinal powder play have charge, let others be without the force of strike back.


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Brand-new ” sweep past feed 2 ” or will announce! B company renews 2 generation and 3 generation domain name

Before paragraph time Kotaku edits and station of a vermicelli made from bean starch reveals B company be about to announce on the E3 news briefing this year brand-new ” sweep past feed 2 ” game. Interesting is, b company was updated today ” sweep past feed 2 ” and ” sweep past feed 3 ” two domain names, the suggestion is brand-new ” sweep past feed 2 ” game basically can be announced on E3.

Two domain names that at present B company registers (Prey 2.com, prey 3.com) changed a FB to the page now, nevertheless this FB page prohibits enjoying a visit. This is meant probably just meet when a brand-new game is announced lift a ban.

” sweep past feed 2 ” most antedate to was announced 2011, make by Human Head atelier. But game encountered a lot of problems, be laid aside till the cows come home.

In August 2013, media calls B company general at that time ” sweep past feed 2 ” gave Arkane atelier, but did not obtain B company to admit really. In October 2014, b company announces ” sweep past feed 2 ” development be cancellinged.

Kotaku is editorial before the basis explode makings, brand-new ” sweep past feed 2 ” game general by ” discreditable ” development of atelier of United States of development business Arkane, and Arkane advocate atelier is being made ” discreditable 2 ” .


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Bloody force 17 ban! ” wolf ” list of net of grade of game of United States showing a body

“Black mood ” Gongqiyinggao makes series gold producer newly ” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees ” appeared in ESRB recently (committee of grade of American entertainment software) on the website上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛, the grade information of ESRB of a lot of moment can show the relevant content of a lot of game fully, this ESRB ” wolf ” in joining the 17 list that ban, still emphasize have inside game many and bloody with violent setting, only the player of 17 years old of above can be used. Seeing ESRB together is how say! ESRB: ” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees ” it is a movement takes a risk kind of game, the times of the Warring States that the setting set of game is in Japan, the bear person that the player needs to act a body to carry disgrace on the back goes rescueing him to be kidnapped advocate fair, the player uses sword and artificial limb to defy many enemy launchs enthusiastic fight to it, numinous上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛 devil still can appear even in game. Can produce much blood to splatter when the enemy is killed certain and special charge still meets effect; occurrence behead and the effect that break limb. The cross the stage o爱上海 爱上海同城手机版f game represented a large number of rough stuff in animation, be like: A man by the sword piercing bosom, a child is stabbed by swo爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城rd firm firm. Information does not have this ESRB grade to disclose too much ” wolf ” game content, just emphasized game bag containing many bloody with the effect that break limb, and also did not mention in grade information any inside buy information, but bus爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛iness of the development before this emphasizes all the time ” wolf ” in won阿爱上海同城 阿拉爱上海同城‘t exist small trade, but have after all inside buy and small trade we can wait for game only ability knows the answer after official put on sale. Behavioral venture game ” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees ” will land PS4/Xbox One and PC platform on March 22, 2019. [……]

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