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Hot wood seed contains very high nutrition value not only, and the strength that still can enhance the body, have the effect of the poison that discharge bowel and cleared body endotoxin, because this a lot of people like to eat hot wood seed at ordinary times, but hot wood seed although nutrient value is high, but not be to suit all person edible, some people vomit after edible feeling is very intense, the body appears after edible this kind of circumstance had better not be in seed of edible hot wood.

How does feeling of the vomiting after hot wood seed eats do strongly?

How does feeling of the vomiting after hot wood seed eats do strongly?

Hot wood seed is to plant pure natural the green health care that does not have side-effect is tasted, have enhance a poison, the action of metabolism of stimulative human body. When first time of a lot of people eats hot wood seed, taste is bitter, still can bring about vomitive have loose bowels even harmful response. This is a kind of when hot wood seed undertakes discharging poison to human body the directest expression actually. Having hot wood is bitter, explain the hepatic function that discharge poison has obstacle; to eat hot wood have loose bowels, explain corner of alvine path toxin is overmuch.

How does feeling of the vomiting after hot wood seed eats do strongly?

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Wooden seed produces stimulative effect to human body

Hot wood seed is nut, contains part is complex, taste loses or the person with poorer constitution eats hot wood seed to be able to feel intestines and stomach is unwell, cause have loose bowels thereby, because this kind of crowd had better not eat hot wood seed.

Eat hot wood seed to want right amount, among them alkaloid and lignin can produce certain stimulative effect to human body and go against human body to digest, excessive edible can be caused unwell, if stimulate intestines and stomach,cause have loose bowels.

How does feeling of the vomiting after hot wood seed eats do strongly?

2, hot wood seed quickens human body to discharge poison

Some people eat have loose bowels of hot wood seed, because body endotoxin corner is too much,be, hot wood seed has admirable clear bowel effect, ate hot Mu Zila abdomen is not fathomless, this is a process that discharges poison.

Seed of overmuch edible hot wood and bring about vomitive have loose bowels, want to stop to take instantly only, pass two days to do not have a thing. Wait for after returning to normal, can continue a few edible are hot wooden seed, at that time you still can try eat half first or, look to whether still can have undesirable reaction. If eat hot wood seed vomitive have loose bowels is serious, need sees a doctor in time, lest illness of incur loss through delay, and seed of edible hot wood had better lay in the doctor’s proposal.

Eat the dosage of hot wood seed normally: Morning and evening each, every time 3-5 bead, rind eat seed benevolence () of white grain of rice. Just begin eating word, can eat 1-2 bead every time, increase dosage slowly next. Insist to take a month, costive phenomenon disappears, the hepatic function that discharge poison restores, the feeling that the body won’t have the sort of is illogical to appear, cooperate motion and normal food, effectA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Fruit is more apparent.

Part of hot wood seed is complex, especially the composition such as lignin, hot Mu Su, alkaloid, excessive is right amount can bring to human body unwell, also go against digest. Accordingly, eat hot wood seed to need internal organs of the body to participate in decompose, lest be in,the form inside body brings undesirable reaction into accumulation. If be liver kidney not beautiful, gastric ulcer or gastric ministry disease, heart is bad, the person that respiratory system disease, anaemic body loses, proposal had better notShanghai night net

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Heavy asthma and 6 babies under the month do not suggest to use.

Seed of excessive edible hot wood can bring about the symptom of vomitive have loose bowels to happen, but after seed of normal edible hot wood eats, slight vomiting have loose bowels attributes normal phenomenon actually, stop to take two days to wait for instantly after restoring, can continue to take according to the circumstance. It is to use hot wood seed normally ameliorable constipation, diuresis defecate, stimulative human body discharges poisonous action. But maladjusted, hepatic function breaks intestines and stomach the person that close wants to borrow hot Mu Zijin to be recuperated all right, need to be in doctorSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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the edible below the proposal.


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