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Feed the good method that filling is a kind of filling body, among them old hen stew is among them a kind very classical feed filling prescription. Old hen stew is the old hen that uses a few time, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
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In boiler need is stewed boil ability of time of a few hours to stew the elite of old hen quite boil boiling waterShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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In, accordingly, old hen is stewedForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Shang Neng is denied delicious, the duration of stew is very important. So, how should people stew old hen is ability delicious?

 How to warm old hen boiling water

Recipe: Old hen, Jiang Ji piece, medlar a few, red jujube two, salt is right amount.

The stewing law of old hen soup:

1, old hen, abluent, go wool, a gallinaceous head that does not like and neck cut away, take body part only.

2, chicken cuts agglomerate account, cold water has pot, put chicken boil first in boiler, boil appear till Bai Mei.

3, the chicken that will cooked piece again abluent, put into the arenaceous boiler of cold waterFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, join Jiang Pian medlar and red jujube, big baked wheaten cake leaves 10 minutes, if still have,foreign matter can be cast aside.

4, infusion of Gai Xiaohuo of the boiler on the lid half hours, do not want boil lid not to add water again during this.

 How to warm old hen boiling water

5, wait for time to arrive, a few salt is added when having pot, boil is finished. Gallinaceous bone still can continue to put the stew in boiler.

Old hen wants to stew how long

1, of and so on of canister of pottery and porcelain need half hours.

2, high-pressured boiler, stew a hour can.

3, see the circumstance with old, tender chicken decide to stew the time that boil, chicken often stews a bit time more, chicken is tender stew a few minutes less.

The chicken broth that stew is general 1 ~ 1.5 hours OK, the time that after this stews grows nutrient composition to be able to be reduced gradually instead more.

 How to warm old hen boiling water

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Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
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Put when it is good that salt and other dressing already must be stewed in chicken broth. Conflagration turns 10 minutes after putting salt again cease-fire, midway does not lift a lid, not only flavour went in completely, and chicken broth little taste is thicker.


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