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Suffer from big the crowd of 3 this world, want to pass the carbohydrate with compensatory and enough food at ordinary times, this are crucial, carbohydrate is quantity of heat actuallyShanghai night net

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, big 3 in relief patients must want to have complement of enough quantity of heat, want to reduce the body to decompose protein as far as possible additionally, enough protein can enhance liver function, this is big to cure 3 this world are helpful, so big can 3 in relief patients eat medlar?

Big can 3 this world eat medlar?

Big can 3 this world eat medlar?

Medlar can not treat second liver, can rise in second liver cure only additional action. Be in to second liver clinical on can achieve better curative effect, it is suspect that sheet relies on folk prescription, must reach normal hospitalForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Undertake disease is treated is opposite, can carry a symptom at least not aggravate.

Big 3 this world are more serious liver ministry illness, the liver function below this kind of circumstance already experienced very big loss. The word below this kind of circumstance does not have medlar. Such can aggravating hepatic burdens. Active also undertake disease-resistant poison is treated, still have the treatment that protect liver. Among food, drink water more the effect that he has a poison.

Big can 3 this world eat medlar?

Likelihood? It is impossible job for certain. Is second liver big are 3 this world HBsAg? HBeAg? ? HBcAb the othersShanghai night net

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Two negative, sick poison is duplicate, infectivity is strong. If liver function is normal, do not need treatment temporarily at present. Every 3-6 the month looks up DNA of albumen of embryo of liver result, armour, virus, make hepatic variety super- . If hepatic medical history exceeds half an year, liver function is unusual (ALT>=80IU/L lasts above of half an year) , or liver function is normal, liver is lienalForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Dirty colour exceeds have progress (milt undertakes the gender increases) , or liver is worn have inflammation activity (S>=2) whenShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, active disease-resistantLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Poison is treated. Refusing ill poisonous treatment is crucial, want to have adaptability only, and the condition allows, should undertake normative disease-resistant poison is treated. Country ” guideline of prevention and cure of chronic hepatitis B ” (2015 edition) recommend content of bane of disease-resistant of a gleam of to medicaments favour replaces Ka Wei or replace Nuofuwei or interferon, believe science.

Big can 3 this world eat medlar?

Hepatitis B is big 3 in relief patients, want fixed laboratory test, liver function examination, transaminase is elevatory, the virus inside clew body is duplicate, the proposal collects poison of disease-resistant of liver of be bailed out actively to treat, medlar basically protects kidney, to the kidney protection has certain effect, poor to hepatic protection effect, never in order to take it, will treat hepatitis B. In at ordinary times the attention in the life rests, liver function of regular chemical examination, the examination is good.


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