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✿ of ✿ netizen address: Xu Hui
✿ of ✿ network nickname: Green light
✿ of ✿ netizen height: 166CM
✿ of ✿ netizen figure: 36C
✿ of ✿ netizen age: 21
✿ appointment costs ✿ : 500/P
✿ of ✿ appointment project: YYY, XT, TT, MY, KS, KB, JW, 69, SW, KB, DL
✿ of ✿ date time: 1 hour
✿:y of date of public of ✿ small letterLysh123
✿ evaluates ✿ integratedly: Reputably
✿ appointment experiences ✿ : Cummer is away on official business outer, be in the home alone doleful and intolerable, a person looks at Huang Pian not to laugh at XL in the home, feeling small DD, solid belong to but. Open then dusty Q of long already prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, see only girl is o

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  • nline on, pay close attention to already actually exclusive very long, just do not have opportunity past keep an eye on all the time, the dot opens exclusive chatting window today, searched to chat exclusively to rise, followed to chat exclusively a little while, follow to chat exclusively tod

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  • ay, feel exclusive the manner is very good, chat very courteous, going straight towards exclusive chatting manner, the decision dated one time in the past. Wanted the girl’s phone and address, the phone decides good time to the girl. Seeing time had been much at 1 o’clock, hasten went changing a beautiful clothes, before next buildings ate bowl face to take a taxi, went to. Half hours come to the crossing that the girl says, phone connection is exclusive, ask what XL saw below exclusively, XL all around look, told to see *** exclusively, so unique ability agrees to tell XL how to go, very careful girl. . . . XL thinks only affirmation is to be in affirm I came over to did not cheat her not, phone remote control goes upstairs, those who open the door is flashy, see exclusive

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  • oneself, in the heart much more at ease, gave XL exclusively a sweet smile, the development that enter room understood, approach a theme continuously. First disrobe washed a YYY, return exclusively special the small DD t

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  • hat took care of me, ah! The feeling comes out the girl is very attentive, of used towel and so on is new, the use that every such customer service can be at ease. Wash come to a bedroom, wipe up lies on the girl’s bed, approach a theme exclusively continuously, make the work of oneself devoir, came first roam, the kiss alled over the whole body of XL, very comfortable give power! XL also does not do give the impression of weakness, vacate both hands, touching exclusive breast, big soft, feel one class club. It is KJ next, unique KJ technique perfectly, do feel completely without tine, at this moment the sense that XL feels steam having a place is boiling, seemingly washed-up, make stop exclusively at once, let give the TT on the belt exclusively, type is entered after XL is preferred, had determined size from the back directly, put a snake to enter a hole, made a round

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  • trip to smoke inserted tens of issueing, discharging. Went rinsing finally below, leave water to expend to the girl, path fasten a person. As a whole exclusive be perfectly, x implement give power, the skin is white tender, figure X feels,

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  • yan Zhigao. Enthusiastic to the person, attitude of attending to guests is g

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  • ood, come back

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  • to write a card simply to help a girl recommend below, good girl does not want to miss. On a few pieces pay below, XL spot gives a few pieces of pictures that take exclusively, share with everybody.

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    Tourist, if y

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  • ou want to examine this post to conceal content to askReply

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