[playtime] : 6.3
[J S name] : Do not have an attention
[J S native place] : Guizhou
[J S age] : 19
[J S amount] : 80+
[recreational project] : ISO ML
[recreation costs] : 798
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Rest today, busy a week went again! Of leisure, went up trumpet goes to a Q the SN with long already

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  • conceal group in see a picture, the sense is little brightness the pict

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  • ure over there is good, clear away clear away, opening 2 wife to set out! ~ .
    Went to a place to give small brightness call, small brightness waited for me to have a little while! ~ receives me to take me to enter a place where people gather for various purposes, approach an end continuously to a place where people gather for various purposes, time is early still now, look still guest of it doesn’t matter, but on the stage

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  • already lively and extraordinary, technician people wearing gorgeous uniform, going beautiful, also have jump of colourful dance, the eyeball that sees me wanted drop out to come, decisive what the picture has seen before choosing is tall carry a belle, in not proceed with is waited for can be given by other person, that ability makes regret, conquer this kind of belle needs to give birth to violent man, I calculate among them one of, the belle grows face of a pair of melon seeds, laugh to me slightly, can lick in my heart, that eye is attractive really, still have think of Koreanly amount to beautiful nose closely, small and exquisite. Mouth also is not big the step is small, I like the figure that she chooses high, the bosom is crowded crowded look at quite plump also, still have, that pair of buttocks tower aloft like two hill, wear remove a high-heeled shoes to think of with respect to meeting couplet with her cuddle is together bang bang.  . . . . .
      The belle’s hair is very long, give out blast blast fragrance, this made me hormonal rise again, embrace will to the room lock up the door she calls me to bathe together, my come to an agre

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  • ement or understanding, you must help ungird of my take off your coat, her demur does not say to my disrobe is before going up, at the moment should a bit worse, stand by

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  • her to holding her in the arms to begin to kiss, the hand also feels a De Chaotian on her breast, the tit that holds her with fing

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  • er she with respect to respond, small groan voice is by the side of my ear resound, embracing each other we go to bathing place. She sees me more anxious begin to be

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  • my K J, move to go up to my stick downward all the time from my mouth, value big ah, ah, I say, can let your bright not quite. Begin to lick my stick bit by bit, left hand is being caught licking in the mouth, the head that I am holding her in the arms is not carried have many comfortable, one deep one shallow vocal mimicry is pretty good still, do deep throat finally, I see her breathe out Suck difficulty, still change bit of other service, did simple etc. fine while adding water then, the time that rubs jade also Oh, the figure that looks at her whiteness to be carried high is enough enjoyed. Doing two to serve me is to be overcome really; The T T on direct belt is gone to she is inserted in tender B, inside her also gradually running water, insert the feeling is very good when going i

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  • n, tepid and tepid, after was inserted shallowly a few times I begin to explode forcibly insert her, raise her those two slender ham use body firm firm pressure go down, her come to an agreement or understanding is comfortable, can quickly, do I say to be able to be unhappy, add a little while sufficient horsepower is gone to she most in disclose goes, smoke forcibly insert her, the two buttocks that holding her in the arms exert oneself to do sth. the top goes in. A room can listen greatly so to her very heavy breath and groan sound, I very enjoy! Beautiful Nuuzhen is too beautiful. Was like heaven a little while, we two very sexual act vigorously, she from time to time diction character will stimulate me, still have the deadliest is the body that her snaky body is twining me, two legs are placed between my waist, let me want to should get her more that momently. In

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  • conceiving her income through the big fight of a passion, we reached a climax, laugh to the other side, crossed us a littl

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  • e while to get one artillery piece again, energy is finite, last time also was gotten on for, go out buy sheet to see small brightness the pay a return visit that the director walked over to ask a few technician, I say to still can come next time, small brightness say to must phone her to make an appointment privilege gives me, ha.
    [spatial photograph] :

    [recreational map] : Small brightness 13020148785 Mobile phone date is the same as / QQ/ is the same as small letter
     QQ group 274360342