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Motion brings about the body easily to appear a few diseases, athletic sports of avery kind of can have different improvement to the body, crouching among them is the project of a kind of motion that a lot of people in our life often can have, can undertake to our bodyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Better recuperation, and crouch take athletic item exceedingly simple, take exercise to our leg ministry can have very good effect, what does the gain that next go crouching realize together below have.

The advantage that crouchs has what

? ? When crouching below, human body two the biggest joint — meeting fold goes to knee joint and hip joint certain level, and the muscle of other position also can get an activity, varicosity of lower limbs of this can effective prophylaxis and treatment reachs the symptom such as crus cramp. Next crouching that still can increase the territory of waist, coxa, genu, gambrel, enhance articulatory flexibility, defer articulatory ageing, increase power of sarcous of ministry of back, waist, leg. In addition, this kind of motion also has very good precaution effect to rheumatism sex arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Often fall crouch to be opposite really the heart is beneficial, when crouching below, be opposite through double leg muscle hemal extruding action, can accelerate vein blood circumfluence, when standing up, double leg muscle is loosened, arterial blood flows into the lower limbs blood-vessel that is squashed so quickly again in. Crouch one case so, muscle loosens closely, was equivalent to increasing a power circularly for blood, can reduce cardiac burden, can make arteries and veins of lower limbs bloodFall in love with the sea

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Unobstructed, muscle arteries and veins gets immersing raising, reason has ” enrage travel of travel criterion blood, hematic travel wind destroys oneself ” say. Motion crouchs to still can alleviate below arteriosclerosis, reduce hematic fat, use up adipose, accordingly, it also is a very good means reducing weight, especially waist, coxal, abdomen reduces weight. My waistline mostShanghai Long Feng forum Shanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Big when amount to 3 feet 2, there are 2 feet only now 6, the effect is apparent. In the meantime, motion crouching below is a kind very good splanchnic massage, can promote vein blood circumfluence effectively, alleviate abdominal Yu blood, alleviate eyesight is fatigue, prevent myopia and eyesight decline. It is hemal to improving heart, head function, stabilize blood pressure, adjust endocrine disorder, metabolism of stimulative human body having positive effect. Will tell from theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, crouch below can make human body main and collateral channels squashs each other, form thereby press the state that control from body main and collateral channels, be helpful for enraging blood stream free, can reduce the incidence of a disease with coronary heart disease and apoplectic head.

Motion crouchs to return below can be good at lung. Often do next crouching function of lung of athletic improvement, Zuo prevents lung disease to have good Ta very much. crouchs below, quickly circumfluence goes to of lower limbs blood heart, and can promote circulation of heart lungs blood, increase vital capacity. Additional, the movement crouchs to make celiac internal pressure increases below, carry on midriff flesh, thorax narrows ﹔ stands up the movement makes celiac internal pressure is reduced, midriff flesh sinks, thorax increases, massage as be being done in Jian lung. I hold to next crouching to move a few years, via flesh of check-up discovery midriff territory increased 5 centimeters, increase lung to connect tolerance to amount to 1500 much milliliter, improves lobar function to have profit very much.

The introduction that what the advantage that takes to crouching has is above, after passing understanding, we know to crouch the can very good flexibility that improves joint, often insist to undertake rheumatism is mixed taking exercise can removing precaution thinForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The action of the leg, but we must hold to ability for a long time to have better effect.


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