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Have in the life such a flock of people, itself weight does not calculate very big, but the flesh that goes up because of the body is flabbier, look can fatter so1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, the figure also can become very poor, so everybody hopes systemic muscle is close a few solidder, want to let muscle become close solid word, must control good food above all, want to do some of exercise more additionally, had better raise the habit of growing time fitness, the introduction lets muscle become close below true detailed means.

How to let systemic meat close fruit quickly?

How to let systemic meat close fruit quickly?

1, want to go up personally flabby flesh becomes close to send eat the food that contains collagen protein more, such ability can make the skin becomes tight send.

2, the skin that is human body again has collagen fiber to comprise namely originally, what be short of now is collagen albumen.

3, loosened returning has even if should noticing what bicrural does not pass to stretching tight on foot also always is not stretching tight closely, often mention tiptoe, of the still have even if mentions buttock to undertake at the same time action that stops an abdomen at the same time.

One, reduce caloric to absorb

Dietetics home thinks, no matter what control — protein, carbohydrate or

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, what reduce finally is caloric is absorbed. If a person everyday little the quantity of heat that absorbs 800 kilocalorie, 10 pounds weight can reduce inside 6 weeks; Little absorb 500 kilocalorie, 10 pounds weight can be reduced inside 2 half moon. But weight of avoid by all means falls too quickly, it is very dangerous otherwise. Notice, everybody should absorb the quantity of heat of 1200 kilocalorie at least everyday, if the quantity of heat of supply body is too little; Can lose muscle. Muscle is the key that human body uses up quantity of heat, stimulative metabolism.

How to let systemic meat close fruit quickly?

2, eat less adipose kind of food:

Experts point out, every 1 gram is adipose add up to 9 kilocalorie quantity of heat. Compare with adipose photograph, what every gram contains carbohydrate and protein quantity of heat wants low much, make an appointment with 4 kilocalorie. Accordingly, should reduce weight need not have a thing less, the fatty that can replace daily place edible with fresh vegetable, fruit, cereal is fedShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Content (think like experts of butyric and other places, if accomplish,eat only everyday 20, 40 grams are adipose, weight can be reduced inside 2 months 10 pounds. However, not be everyone has less adipose can reduce weight, if carbohydrate edible is overmuch, also can make gain weight.

3, reduce alimental intake:

Want to reduce weight, need not abandon the food that like, important is to should try to control. If favore some kind of food and edible amount is large, that is about to notice to decrease every time heft. Not be weekly 4, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Every time the edible quantity of 200 grams flesh, however every time 100 grams, such OK little the quantity of heat that absorbs 1200 kilocalorie, Shanghai night net

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Can decrease inside about 7 half-moon time people pound weight. Suggest to decreaseFall in love with the sea

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Fat person a balance is put in the kitchen, stick catchphrase of a clew, the attention reminds him to absorb the weight of food.

How to let systemic meat close fruit quickly?

4, eat more stream feed:

Normally, flow feed making is very convenient. If have meal everyday edible shedding is fed or beverage, can reduce 10 pounds weight inside 8 months. Stream feed want diversification, lest lack nutrition. In the doctor guidance falls, OK even and daily two eat flow feed. Can reduce 10 pounds weight inside 5 weeks so. But want those who ensure place chooses to flow feed the nutriment that can offer body place to need and protein, want to assure 3 eat one day.

5. Take weight:

Hold to every week 5 days, everyday 1, take the run of 5 kilometers inside 45 minutes every time, such doing can subtract inside 6 months 10 pounds weight. If 6.5 kilometers go inside 45 minutes, criterion weight drops more quickly. Perhaps someone can say ” take a walk without time ” . Actually, time is crowded come out. Cardiovascular doctor points out: Use this kind of method reducing weight to may increase appetite. Accordingly, before taking a walk or later, can eat a few low adipose food or fresh fruit, drink water more, because perspire,with complement the water inside reductive body is divided.


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