Small dark green cries dizzy! Eldest brother Gogoing loves bubble night inn and kiss of drunk wine girl

The amour of eldest brother Gogoing and MM of small dark green is all the time ” the hero is allied ” the focus that the player pays close attention to, nevertheless, these two did not appear personally to be responded to formally from beginning to end, the amour that lets them becomes complicated and confusing. The netizen explodes recently expect actually eldest brother Gogoing likes to go very much nocturnal inn, should small dark green cry dizzy in the toilet?

Actually eldest brother but not only light is nocturnal inn High so simple, returned somebody to pat eldest brother to stimulate the photograph of the kiss with a malty girl on the seat. Although the girl appears already malty, but still can looking to come out is the chaperon that travels together with eldest brother.

People’s force is very big, stimulate a kiss to illuminate in eldest brother just went out before long, expose to the sun with respect to somebody a player that the woman is group of some woman battle, be incident of a female team?

Aggro Jun Fei often admires the force of people, it is OK to see even the face see even the face not clear picture with respect to a piece 8 who is female advocate. But doubt is like female advocate the small gain of VikiVikiBabe has been deleted entirely, and she also paid close attention to GOGOING really, so look this person is become namely thing daughter advocate possibility is exceedingly tall.

And eldest brother still brushs him on small gain however be about to with small wisdom the issue that arranges battle. Look eldest brother to mixing the girl is in nocturnal inn be related of wind,flowers,snow and moon is early with respect to be accustomed to sth. Such thing is not what important matter to him.

Be in early actually because condition glides substantially and eldest brother is brought about when retiring, once exploded with respect to somebody expect an eldest brother privacy too abandon, younger sister of overmuch active hold up just brought about him to cannot hold his professional position, also somebody exposes to the sun give him to there still is leisurely mood to take younger sister to hit a platoon in the period that shuts Guan Xiulian. Before by the outside place becloud with simple and honest eldest brother, just discover original eldest brother has intention as expected now.

Say eldest brother is wood, how does dark green elder sister allude him apathetic. In light of today’s thing, eldest brother is the mad demon of bubble younger sister of a be modest about one’s skill obviously, and the suggestion that faces dark green elder sister does not give response all the time however, look is he not to look to go up the grandmother cough up that we suffer 10 thousand people to revere?


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