Brand-new ” sweep past feed 2 ” or will announce! B company renews 2 generation and 3 generation domain name

Before paragraph time Kotaku edits and station of a vermicelli made from bean starch reveals B company be about to announce on the E3 news briefing this year brand-new ” sweep past feed 2 ” game. Interesting is, b company was updated today ” sweep past feed 2 ” and ” sweep past feed 3 ” two domain names, the suggestion is brand-new ” sweep past feed 2 ” game basically can be announced on E3.

Two domain names that at present B company registers (Prey, prey changed a FB to the page now, nevertheless this FB page prohibits enjoying a visit. This is meant probably just meet when a brand-new game is announced lift a ban.

” sweep past feed 2 ” most antedate to was announced 2011, make by Human Head atelier. But game encountered a lot of problems, be laid aside till the cows come home.

In August 2013, media calls B company general at that time ” sweep past feed 2 ” gave Arkane atelier, but did not obtain B company to admit really. In October 2014, b company announces ” sweep past feed 2 ” development be cancellinged.

Kotaku is editorial before the basis explode makings, brand-new ” sweep past feed 2 ” game general by ” discreditable ” development of atelier of United States of development business Arkane, and Arkane advocate atelier is being made ” discreditable 2 ” .


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