Gold of perfect company ancient profit is character love era to ” fatherly fund ” donate 1 million yuan

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, hospital of Zhongshan city people holds fatherly fund autograph to reach the ceremony that start about. Perfect (China) limited company donates 1 million yuan to fund of affection of hospital of Zhongshan city people, use at helping deficient aid up to strand, patient of deliverance society poverty. Company of Gu Runjin of perfect company president’s representing is turned over to Yuan Yong of dean of city people hospital present check.

As we have learned, wait for a reason as a result of阿爱上海同城

damage of old disease of economic difficulty爱上海同城手机版

, sudden disaster, Gu, group of social weak force cannot get effective medical treatment safeguard, for this, organization of love of Zhongshan town all walks of life and hope of prominent personage personage plan market fund, suffer from to impoverished disease undertake aiding financially, reduce difficult masses to see a doctor the burden of go to a doctor. Fund of affection of hospital of Zhongshan city people from this be pregnant with and unripe, its hold water will strong gather together social love, the development of career of commonweal of stimulative medical treatment, elevate people healthy level, thereby benefit society.

It is reported, fatherly fund is the hospital commonweal fund that people hospital takes the lead in holding water in Zhongshan city, charity of subject Zhongshan city always is met, will grasp the principle that supports transparent, sincere letter, follow deliverance standard strictly, accept social all circles to supervise. Build in all share, health of th阿拉爱上海同城

e whole people is ” 2030 program compendium of healthy China ” strategic theme. Adopt the platform of fatherly fund, medical establishment will with social commonweal force in order to love allied, promote the development of career of disease deliverance, medical treatment further, build health阿爱上海同城


Zhongshan, healthy China jointly.

The live abroad that regards Zhongshan of a take root, deep ploughing as China endowment enterprise, perfect company holds all the time the humanitarian spirit that holds Mr Sun Zhongshan, do one’s best supports Zhongshan city charities, involve medical treatment, education, help the many commonweal domain such as deficient, culture, sports up.

As we have learned, be in early at the beginning of the company held water 1994, be in have not below the circumstance of gain, donate money of brushstroke be apt to 100 thousand yuan, be used at supporting hospital of Zhongshan city humanitarian build. Be in subsequently 20 old in, gu Runjin of perfect company president is guiding an enterprise to insist for a long time to devote into social charities, up to now, the of all kinds contribution, amount that contribute content evens more 600 million yuan of RMBs.


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