Vietnam army helicopter saves the maritime space around to discover 80 meters long smeary ribbon in Jin Ou

Island of rich nation of Vietnam of Xinhua News Agency on March 9 report (reporter colour Hao Taojun) the Vietnam center that re爱上海同城论坛

scue says 9 days, army helicopter is in that day morning the smeary belt that the sea area that 150 kilometers manage coasting of province of Ou of distance south gold discovers to one grows 80 meters上海夜网论坛

. The fleet of Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam the Three Kingdoms that rescue rises to lose couplet plane in Ma Hang continuously fr新上海贵族宝贝论坛

om 8 days maritime space undertakes searching for near foregone finally position, still did not discover 上海千花社区

any wreckage midday up to 9 days.

Vietnam air force 9 days of morning expedit上海贵族宝贝交流区

e a helicopter respectively from Hu Zhiming city and Qin Ju city, drive toward the plane that break couplet maritime space continues near foregone finally position search for in sky. Expert of the Vietnam branch that rescue according to smeary belt photograph analysis thinks, this smeary belt may be concerned with the airliner that break couplet.

Reporter of Xinhua News Agency is arrived at 9 days morning be located in Vietnam south to border the rich nation island of Thailand bay, the linear distance of foregone finally position is rich nation island and plane about 350 kilometers. The reporter sees in rich nation island, still mix with local dweller on the island the tourist is given priority to, did not discover the out上海龙凤论坛

side personage related to the airliner that break couplet. Local dweller says, they are informed the message of the airliner that break couplet from media, finite to newest progress understanding.

Additional as we have learned, vietnam department of defense is carrying goods and materials to golden Ou province, a fishing port that Jin Ou saves is maritime likely very the terminal of the force that rescue. Reporter of Xinhua News Agency is being driven toward the region that Jin Ou visits. (be over)

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