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Prince ginseng is the medicinal material in a kind of commonner plant in daily life, be used extensively on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, the property that prince enters is gentle, can treat body disease to also can be used with medicine make officinal board, among them officinal value is very tall, and too1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Child the Shang Ye that join Bao is commonner practice, the way is very simple also, can play prince a few maltose to have Bao boiling water, can have nourishing effect to the body.

What is method of soup of prince ginseng Bao?

Is prince joined how Bao soup?

Prince ginseng calls caryophyllaceous ginseng, Tong Can again. Property of a medicine pleasant of gentle, flavour, have the effect that filling gas promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid. Commonly used at taste frail, listless and lack of power, inappetence, dry cough is empty of little phlegmy, ill rear body, night sweat, nightly Jing cries, children summer heat. Mufti can enhance a constitution with prince ginseng, take for a long time did not see have side effect.

Prince enters boiling water of board appropriate Bao, cook over a slow fire is boiled, bubble wine, dish, tea drink. It already but with other remedy conpatibility of medicines, water of decoct of can single ingredient is warm take, commonly used dosage is 10-30 gram, but according to the illness right amount add decrease.

Those are long ill, bodyForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Weak person taste is hurt, occurrence food decreases, when the symptom such as lack of power, spontaneous, can use yam of its conpatibility of medicines, hyacinth bean, Gu Ya to wait have be good at the medicaments that lienal, disappear feeds action, or take prince to join 15 grams, lotus seed 20 grams, add the boiler on water to boil to lotus flesh know sth thoroughly to spend, eat lotus meat, drink boiling water.

What is method of soup of prince ginseng Bao?

The convalescence of calorific disease appears gas private parts two injuries symptom, if dry of buccal dry tongue, be agitated, be discouraged is lack of power,wait, usable prince participates in virgin soil, rhizome of wind-weed, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, Zhu Xie to be equal with.

Autumn or warm winter, lung gets extremely easily the harm of lukewarm dry evil influence, disease appears more since bazoo of calorific, mouth is dry, thirsty, dry cough, be discouraged, little phlegmy wait for a symptom,

Is prince joined how Bao soup?

1, soup of lily double ginseng

Shanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

Material: Lily, prince joins each 25g, 20g of boreal the root of straight ladybell, maltose 50g.

Practice: 2 ginseng cloth is wrapped, with lily waterShanghai Long Feng forum

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Decoct takes juice, castration bag, transfer into maltose, mix divide evenly is taken feed.

Effect: Can fill gas stops sweat, empty of the spontaneous that applies to be caused by of deficiency of vital energy, body, be discouraged, thirsty wait.

What is method of soup of prince ginseng Bao?

2, prince ginseng stews chicken broth

Material: Ginger of prince ginseng, hen, green, cooking wine, salt.

Practice: the hen after butcher is clean stripping and slicing, put the scald in boiled water next, take out drop to do water to divide; general hen and prince ginseng to be put into boiler together, put green ginger subsequently. Cooking wine, join clear water small fire to stew before boiling the boiler since two hours; , add1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Flavor into right amount salt.

Effect: This cookbook has very good nourishing effect to the body, suit to be in exceedingly winterForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Season preserve one’s health when take. Particularly comfortable formfitting put oneself in another’s position is weaker and the female that just ends childbirth is taken.


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