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Bean products is in people often can appear in daily life, for example a lot of people can be in breakfast when drinkable soya-bean milk, eat old bean curd, doing prandial when can eat fabaceous skin, beans doing, bright bean curd to wait a moment, theseNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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It is the ramification of bean products, some snacks manufacturer still made the small sock of a lot of different taste with bean products. Bean products is very incidental degenerative, so can be the bean curd doing that cannot eat put refrigerant?

 Bean curd doing can be put refrigerant

One, smoked bean curd can put freezer refrigerant:

OK and refrigerant. This can know when we are bought, fabaceous doing is bought to should choose to have cold storage in bazaar1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Last the non-staple food bazaar of equipment, supermarket. Should choose to have the bean products that prevents pollution to pack, last via what compress for nothing really for example film. By this token, bean curd doing is OK refrigerant, but when also growingShanghai Long Feng forum

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Save between, should abide by ” a few buying, seasonable edible ” principle, goods of unfavorable and many store up. In addition, the beans that remained that day works, application lasts bag plunge intoNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Close place eat as soon as possible inside freezer, if discover to there are peculiar smell or beans inside bag dry goods surface is tacky, do not want edible.

 Bean curd doing can be put refrigerant

2, of smoked bean curd nutrient value:

1, because soya bean is the food with protein and calcic very fast content originally, after making smoked bean curd so, smoked bean curd also ” accede ” its protein and calcium, so the nutrient composition of smoked bean curd has: B of A of protein, vitamin, vitamin a group of things with common features, the; such as calcic, iron, magnesian, zinc can complement the nutrient element that a variety of place want human body.

2, and can beneficial gas is wide medium, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid moisten the respiratory tract, clear hot detoxify, with taste, and fight cancer.

 Bean curd doing can be put refrigerant

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3, and, the lecithin that smoked bean curd contains can get rid of the cholesterol that is added on hematic tube wall, prevent hemal sclerosis, prevent a heart and vesselsForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Disease, place of protective heart; contains a variety of mineral, OK and compensatory calcium is qualitative, prevent the osteoporosis that causes because of be short of calcium, promote skeletal growth, grow to the skeleton of children, old person very advantageous.

The food of health care of such a kind of nutrition, it is average crowd OK of edible, but the sodium content as a result of smoked bean curd is high, suffer from diabetic, fat or other chronic so, the multitude that if the kidney is ill, tall,hematic fat has should careful fed anaemia of the; old person, sex that be short of iron the patient is unsuited also eat too much oh.


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