Naked Eye Astronomy — 5 Tips For Seeing The Stars

To mark the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei’s first recorded discoveries in the sky through a telescope, 2009 has be涓婃捣419濂崇敓瀹胯垗 鐖变笂娴峰悓鍩庡瀵圭en declared the International Year of Astronomy by the United Nations and International Astronomical Union. People around the world are being encouraged to do some star-gazing of their ow[……]

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Cows Let Go a Sigh of Relief

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Congress acted on climate this week. And it’s certainly a move to chew over.
Climate change is a contentious issue here in the U.S.A. But the topics of debate are not just about whether there is a scientific consensus or whether a cap and trade is better than a carbon tax. A new fa[……]

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Amazing Camouflage Animals (PHOTOS)

How cool would it be to blend into the background sometimes? These animals use their powers of camouflage to catch p涓婃捣419鏉窞榫欏嚖璁哄潧 鍗冭姳缃戝畼缃rey, to hide from predators, and to catch a moment of peace and quiet. Check out these camouflage pics, and let us know which is your favorite.

Camoflauged Animals

Get Huff[……]

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Cigarette Butts' Toxicity Kills Fish

Even with a small amount of unburnt tobacco clinging t鐖变笂娴 鐖变笂娴o it, a single cigarette butt soaked for a day is enough to turn a liter of water a sickly yel涓婃捣鍗冭姳缃戣鍧 鍗冭姳缃戝畼缃low brown and kill 50 percent of fish swimming in it. Without tobacco, it takes about 4 smoked filters to do the same job.

Eugene Mirman's Climate Protest Video

Eugene Mirman, as part of his coverage of the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen for took to the streets on Sa涓婃捣璐垫棌瀹濊礉瀹樼綉 鍗冭姳缃戝畼缃turday to take part in the 100,000 person climate march. Watch his outrageously funny take on the events, including caressing dogs while talking global warming, interviewing climate denier[……]

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