Quar鍑ゆ湞鍑扮埍涓婃捣terbacks, “Pool”

About a minute of r鐖变笂娴峰悓鍩庡瀵圭 419estrained pop punk: just long enough for light mood-altering purposes, but not long enough to trigger the realization that this is, if you鈥檙e honest with yourself, music for teenagers.

I Gave My Cat鐖变笂娴烽厭搴楄垶鍘 to a Robot

by Matthew J.X.聽Malady
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.14.23 PM
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good news, i’m officially the kind of guy who buys his cat a robot

function notifyResize(height) {height = height ? height : document.documentElement.offsetHeight; var resized = false; if (window.d[……]

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Courtney Barnett, “Pede鐖变笂娴锋帹娌箂trian At Best”

We鈥檝e been big fans of Courtney Barnett since 鈥渢he paramedic thinks I鈥檓 clever 鈥檆ause I play guitar/I think she鈥檚 clever 鈥檆ause she stops people dying,鈥 and we are pleased to report that we have no need to change our status in that regard. Although you should probably steer clea[……]

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Breed Dyi鐖变笂娴穇铏瑰彛ng

Take a long look at what may be the last generation of Manhattan-raised twentysomethings for whom Brooklyn will seem like a place that is far, far away鈥娾斺妔o far that they needed to convince all of their friends to move into the same terrible building with聽them:
All three couples were planning to move out of their Manhattan apartments by summer, and[……]

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A man who writes on the internet for a living receives an email message from a colleag鐖变笂娴风偣璇勭綉ue of his with the words 鈥渢he irony鈥 in the subject header field. He clicks it open and it聽says,
鈥溾f writing something you think is going to piss people off and then almost no one reads聽it.鈥
鈥渢hat happens a lot,鈥 he聽replies.
In a few moments another email c[……]

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New York 鐖变笂娴 鐪熷亣閴村埆City, January 29, 2015

weather review sky 012915
鈽呪槄 A line of brown haze in the northwestern distance spread up on鐖变笂娴锋补鍘嬭鍧泃o an ever-graying blue sky. The snow was still white, in general, but smudged with gray or pockmarked with yellow; the cold was damp and seeping. The children getting out of school lobbed a desultory snowball or four back and forth across the sidewalk. Snow-weighted bamboo hu[……]

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Why Is the Middle Class鐖变笂娴风畝鐖?

Everyone seems to agree that the middle class, the most hallowed constituency in America, is shrinking. The New York Times has the data to prove it. But our golden age of data journalism abhors ambiguity; in order to show us the data, while the Times wrestles ever so gently with the amorphous notions of who, exactly is middle class鈥娾斺奾ouseholds ma[……]

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The Silence of t鐖变笂娴峰悓鍩庡瀵圭 浜ゅ弸he Brands

You still have time to pick up one of our fre鐖变笂娴峰悓鍩庡瀵圭鎺㈡槬sh, DELISH dips for your #BigGame gathering. pic.twitter.com/AwUaWMcLQg

鈥 Duane Reade (@DuaneReade) February 1,聽2015

We tend to think of the Super Bowl as a fiesta of brands choking the social airwaves with Fresh Terrible Content. But if you review the output of the top couple hundred most-fo[……]

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